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The goal of award- winning artist and teacher, Addren Doss, is to engage viewers emotionally by creating light filled paintings with intense colors, texture, movement, and emotion.  Her oil and pastel paintings are filled with bold brush and knife work, and passages of pure clean color.  Collectors often say: “Your abstract compositions pull me in and take me for a ride.”  “I feel a part of the landscape, the sun on my face, and the wind in my hair when looking at your paintings.”  “I want to reach out and touch your animals.”

Addren’s non-representational abstract work comes from her heart and head.  Much of the work is inspired by locations she has painted across the country.  When creating these works, she often starts with a particular color palette and then a simple compositional idea.  Once she has the surface covered the painting begins to tell her what it needs, and this often takes her in a different direction than originally planned.  Her favorite part of the painting process is creating exciting movement by laying the paint on thickly with a palette knife.  It’s the bold colors, movement, and texture that excite her the most.




Addren Doss

Portals II


Addren Doss

Heart Dance


Addren Doss

Fairy Wings

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