About Perspectives

Perspectives is a vibrant hub for art enthusiasts in Central Illinois, fostering connections between artists and viewers through diverse and evolving exhibitions.

It is a communal gallery space in Central Illinois dedicated to showcasing fine art that connects artists and spectators. It features a blend of local and non-local artists whose work communicates in innovative and thought-provoking ways.

Mission and Purpose

Perspectives aims to transcend barriers of time, language, and belief systems through fine art. By nurturing the art community in Central Illinois, the gallery seeks to enlighten visitors by presenting artists’ visions and encouraging individual interpretations. Perspectives Art Gallery is not just a space to exhibit art but a dynamic platform that encourages exploration, dialogue, and growth within the local and broader community.


Perspectives regularly hosts new art
shows every few months, highlighting
solo artists or open calls that attract
talent from across regions. This ensures
a continuous flow of fresh perspectives
and artistic expressions.


The gallery serves as a meeting point
for artists and viewers to interact,
fostering a shared appreciation for art
and encouraging dialogue that enriches understanding and appreciation.


With its ever-changing exhibitions, Perspectives promises visitors something new and inspiring with each visit, keeping the artistic experience alive and engaging. Perspectives invites all who enter to look at things differently – to consider multiple perspectives when viewing artists’ work.

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